Cheerleading is a great team sport that provides physical, social and mental benefits. It is so much more than cheering on a team from the sidelines or competing in competitions. It teaches sportsmanship, team work, discipline, mental strength, physical fitness, and leadership. It inspires confidence and self-esteem, perseverance and dedication. Cheerleading is also an expensive sport, and the support of the community is crucial to success of the team.

That's where you come in. This fundraiser includes a daily workout schedule. When you sponsor a cheerleader, they commit to doing the workout on the day(s) you select. Each day has a corresponding workout, so you can select days based on how hard you want the cheerleader to work. All funds that are raised will go directly to helping the cheer team go to competitions, purchase uniforms and accessories, and support the various activities the team does through the year.

Select a Cheerleader to Support